Abducted Truth

One of the great things about the internet is how easy it can be for practically anyone to share information, news and their opinion on it.

This means we have a source of information that doesn’t rely on the main stream media, who seem to have a very “limited” idea of what news we should be “shown”.

The only downside is this also means there’s a whole mass of stuff that’s either there to miss lead us deliberately, or simply miss-informed opinions of well meaning people, or even scare mongering by people who have their own agenda, other than the truth, such as perhaps selling their latest book, or simply good old fashioned hogwash…

I’ve set up this blog to share some of the stuff that I come across that I find interesting, but obviously you need to decide for yourself where it falls on the “truth to bullshit” spectrum.

To get the ball rolling I’m simply going to share a few sites, beginning with my favorite, Beforeitsnews.com, which has articles covering the whole spectrum of “sublime to ridiculous”, as well as some that appear to be real “gold nuggets” of truth that isn’t being covered in the main stream media.

and here’s an example of the kind of post I mean: –


and here’s another recent one, although it is just a repost of a blog post on the UK’s Telegraph Newspaper site: –


here’s a couple of other site I’ve come across that also seem “interesting”, although “BeforeItsNews” remains my favorite: –

and some interesting videos and free ebooks to download: –

& an “uncensored” search engine: –